EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

What do carvings in stone on the Big Island of Hawaii have to do with EFT?

Well, it’s all about the “writings on our walls” or the models that we run in our mind that make us take actions that are not always pleasant or do not lead to our true and passionate desires.

So, your Personal Peace?  Well, the writings get in the way of you ever feeling your own Personal Peace.

So, those writings, quite often, seem like they are etched in stone…aren’t they?  The key word is “seem.”

We can use EFT to erase or lessen the intensity of those writings so that we can go about installing new writings, new habits, new thoughts and those will produce new actions in our lives.

Think about that…if you changed your actions and enjoyed them; what do you think would happen in your life? What could you create?  What could you enjoy?

We must either remove and at least lessen the impact of the old writings so that we can put into play some writings of our own design!

Watch this video and then find out more about using EFT to design your life instead of allowing other people to control your life.

Discover your own Personal Peace!

Take care and keep tappin’!



EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

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