Why Be Annoyed?

Why Be Annoyed with Pains and Aches?
Just Pull EFT Out of Your Back Pocket

Click here to access the audio of Yves’ EFT Story

Listen in as Yves talks about how he used EFT for various health issues and for allowing his body to heal itself.

What was the key?  You will find that key to how he heals all throughout his story.

Take care…hugs and aloha!

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  1. Jeff, thanks for this interview with Yves. I’ve thought of revisiting the Sedona Method, as I’m a passionate user of EFT.

    It was nice to hear a comparison between the two and always helpful to have more tools to recommend for my clients.

  2. Jeff Harding says:

    You’re always welcome, Natalie! As a good friend of mine recently said, “I love going to the “garage” and opening up that big, red, Sears toolbox and pulling out of there just what I need in the moment. Keep up the good work (play?), Natalie!
    Hugs and aloha!

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