EFT, Weeds and Overwhelm!

EFT, Weeds and Overwhelm!

Hello Friends!

Hey, let’s dig right in with a few questions:

1. Have you ever pulled weeds in the yard?
2. Have you ever pulled weeds in a yard and the weeds seemed never ending?
3. Have you ever tapped on some issues using EFT and felt the same way that you did when pulling those never ending weeds from the yard?
4. Does the word OVERWHELM (very appropriately, all caps) fit in with this subject somewhere?

Watch this short video regarding EFT, Weeds and OVERWHELM (once again, very appropriately, all caps).

What’s the solution to OVERWHELM?

The Grazing Principle…find out more at our next free teleconference:

Discover the Grazing Principle

Are You Overwhelmed as You Get Deeper with EFT and all the issues that are cropping up?  Overwhelmed with Life?

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Take care and keep tappin’!


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