A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 2

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 2

Love is in the air!

The newlyweds returned from Hawaii, opened their wedding gifts (they will need a bigger place) and are settled into their new home.

They loved Hawaii…stayed over in Honolulu at Waikiki Beach and toured quite a bit of the island of Oahu.

You know, Hawaii is considered paradise for so many reasons…it’s a wonderful place…there’s a beautiful energy about it…some say, it can transform you, but that can either be enlightening or frightening.

In the spirit of celebrating the return of the newlyweds…here are two things I want to share with you:

First of all…some questions for you to ponder and discover about yourself:

What is paradise to you?

What do the writings on your walls tell you that is necessary so that you feel you are in paradise?

Is it paradise where you are or do you need to leave and find it somewhere else?

Secondly, I want to share a little poem I put together for the newlyweds…enjoy it!

Take care and keep tappin’!


Welcome Back to Paradise

Welcome back from paradise,
From the land of aloha;
So difficult to leave, I’m sure,
Back to the wikiwiki life north of Baja.

Thoughts of regret and resignation,
Haole are well known for this;
Because we forget mahalo,
For all in life we receive, all the gifts.

You two have a special makana,
A humble love for one another;
Express and feel that every moment,
If done with grace it will not smother.

Stay close with your ohana,
They will offer unconditional love;
Wisdom, kokua and kindness,
Endless gifts from above.

Strong winds blow the palm trees,
They sway, bend, but do not break;
If we live our lives in pono,
Paradise is what we will create.

As you think of Hawaii,
Recall the ha’awina, carry that symbol;
Create paradise in every moment,
The only thought that is truly rational.

Returning from paradise can be sad,
Unless you bring it with you;
So, hold it in your pu’uwai,
Create a paradise in everything you do.

Clint and Kathy, my son and daughter,
Don’t think too much or even twice;
Allow your mana to grow as a team,
Welcome back to paradise.

Aloha nui loa

aloha (ah-LOW-ha) Hello, good-by, or an expression of affection and love
wikiwiki (wee-kee-wee-kee) Fast or speedy
haole (HOW-leh) A white person; Caucasian
mahalo (mah-HAH-low) Thanks, gratitude
makana (mah-KAH-nah) “gift from heaven” or reward
ohana (oh-HAH-nah) Family or relative
kokua (koh-KOO-ah) Help or give assistance
pono (poh-noh) righteousness…correct…honorable…good
ha’awina (ha-ah-wee-nah) lesson
pu’uwai (pooh-oo-vye) heart
mana (mah’ nah) spiritual power
Aloha nui loa (Aloha new ee low a) Very much aloha (love)

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 1!

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 1

Hello Friends!

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned my son’s wedding?

Well, I finally put together some pictures, video and nice background music in the video clip below.

Weddings are nice, aren’t they?

So many emotions flowing!

Although I always say that ALL emotions are good emotions because of the message they carry for us, well, that day it was definitely all good emotions!

I appreciate you coming by to celebrate with me for a few minutes.

Take care and keep tappin’!