Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Another year gone by…another Super Bowl is done.  What an extravaganza that has become and it gets bigger and bigger every year…constantly expanding!

Some say is was the most watched Super Bowl in history…plus, they did not have problems selling their ad space with those crazy commercials (or, should I say, creative productions, because even if one remembers the concept of the commercial, most forget what product was being promoted…interesting people we are).

Ok, but I am here today to talk about another bowl…the bowl of light…and I put together a quick video to explain what I mean.

The bowl of light is similar to the the Super Bowl because it has the capacity to expand and you can allow your bowl of light expand, not just every year, but each and every moment as you begin to master EFT!

How do you get your light to shine through? Well, you just huli the pohaku from your bowl and EFT is a tool that can help you to huli your bowl!

Check out the video…take care…keep tappin’…hugs and aloha!