The Wall Was Gone

Growing from a Life of Reaction to One of Awareness

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Have you ever wondered why you don’t get “one-minute wonders” with EFT like other people you hear about?

Have you had a thought like this? ‘If I can’t get the one-minute wonders, then maybe I’m just not cut out for this EFT stuff and it’s time to try yet ANOTHER new thing.’

Well, here’s a quick story about how Denise has persisted in clearing up many aspects related to her eating issue. She has worked at clearing away all the rules, beliefs and thoughts that keep her “walled in.” She has worked steadily and consistently and the walls have begun to fall.

Listen to Denise talk about how she grew from just reacting unknowingly and uncontrollably when it comes to emotional eating to an awareness and a desire not to eat.

How EFT helped her along her path of personal growth and becoming more Conscious. You will notice in this short audio how she shifted without even tapping in the moment…she just shifted and made a different decision…very nice!

A side note…at the end of the audio, notice how she also is getting a side benefit from her EFT work because she didn’t react to her husband’s “frustrated” energy. She was approached him with love…love for herself, her children and for him.

The result? Well, listen in and enjoy!

Take care…hugs and aloha!

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