I’m dying and I’m having fun…

I’m Dying and I’m Having Fun…

no, I’m not dying, but someone else passed awayRandy Pausch died a couple days ago.

That was one of Randy’s quotes, “I’m dying and I’m having fun.” (He should know)

A couple other quotes of his are: “Are you a Tigger or an Eyore?”…and…“Brick walls are there to see how bad you want it…not to stop you.”

I know, I know…you’re asking, ‘Who is Randy Pausch?’

I sent some of you a message back in April regarding Randy, so here’s an update.

Randy Pausch is the best selling author of “The Last Lecture” and there are a couple videos on the web giving you a view of The Last Lecture.

When the subject of death comes up, most often it’s associated with words and phrases like: spirituality, dying with dignity, sadness or regrets.

These videos are not about any of those aspects…these videos are about childhood dreams…your purpose.

As you master EFT as a tool to change your “writings on the wall”, you just might discover what an incredible…no, that’s not the right word…you might discover what a limitless amount of resources you hold within youand then what?

Mastery of EFT may just help you discover your dreams and desires along with the strength…the power…to manifest all that is important to you!

If you get one “aha” from this video (watch the longer video for more “aha’s”), then you know it was worth it.

Take care and keep tappin’!


Here is the short version of the video about his message…but, I put (my recommendation) the full version down below:

Full version of “The Last Lecture”:

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