EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

What do carvings in stone on the Big Island of Hawaii have to do with EFT?

Well, it’s all about the “writings on our walls” or the models that we run in our mind that make us take actions that are not always pleasant or do not lead to our true and passionate desires.

So, your Personal Peace?  Well, the writings get in the way of you ever feeling your own Personal Peace.

So, those writings, quite often, seem like they are etched in stone…aren’t they?  The key word is “seem.”

We can use EFT to erase or lessen the intensity of those writings so that we can go about installing new writings, new habits, new thoughts and those will produce new actions in our lives.

Think about that…if you changed your actions and enjoyed them; what do you think would happen in your life? What could you create?  What could you enjoy?

We must either remove and at least lessen the impact of the old writings so that we can put into play some writings of our own design!

Watch this video and then find out more about using EFT to design your life instead of allowing other people to control your life.

Discover your own Personal Peace!

Take care and keep tappin’!



EFT and Hawaiian Petroglyphs

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 2

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 2

Love is in the air!

The newlyweds returned from Hawaii, opened their wedding gifts (they will need a bigger place) and are settled into their new home.

They loved Hawaii…stayed over in Honolulu at Waikiki Beach and toured quite a bit of the island of Oahu.

You know, Hawaii is considered paradise for so many reasons…it’s a wonderful place…there’s a beautiful energy about it…some say, it can transform you, but that can either be enlightening or frightening.

In the spirit of celebrating the return of the newlyweds…here are two things I want to share with you:

First of all…some questions for you to ponder and discover about yourself:

What is paradise to you?

What do the writings on your walls tell you that is necessary so that you feel you are in paradise?

Is it paradise where you are or do you need to leave and find it somewhere else?

Secondly, I want to share a little poem I put together for the newlyweds…enjoy it!

Take care and keep tappin’!


Welcome Back to Paradise

Welcome back from paradise,
From the land of aloha;
So difficult to leave, I’m sure,
Back to the wikiwiki life north of Baja.

Thoughts of regret and resignation,
Haole are well known for this;
Because we forget mahalo,
For all in life we receive, all the gifts.

You two have a special makana,
A humble love for one another;
Express and feel that every moment,
If done with grace it will not smother.

Stay close with your ohana,
They will offer unconditional love;
Wisdom, kokua and kindness,
Endless gifts from above.

Strong winds blow the palm trees,
They sway, bend, but do not break;
If we live our lives in pono,
Paradise is what we will create.

As you think of Hawaii,
Recall the ha’awina, carry that symbol;
Create paradise in every moment,
The only thought that is truly rational.

Returning from paradise can be sad,
Unless you bring it with you;
So, hold it in your pu’uwai,
Create a paradise in everything you do.

Clint and Kathy, my son and daughter,
Don’t think too much or even twice;
Allow your mana to grow as a team,
Welcome back to paradise.

Aloha nui loa

aloha (ah-LOW-ha) Hello, good-by, or an expression of affection and love
wikiwiki (wee-kee-wee-kee) Fast or speedy
haole (HOW-leh) A white person; Caucasian
mahalo (mah-HAH-low) Thanks, gratitude
makana (mah-KAH-nah) “gift from heaven” or reward
ohana (oh-HAH-nah) Family or relative
kokua (koh-KOO-ah) Help or give assistance
pono (poh-noh) righteousness…correct…honorable…good
ha’awina (ha-ah-wee-nah) lesson
pu’uwai (pooh-oo-vye) heart
mana (mah’ nah) spiritual power
Aloha nui loa (Aloha new ee low a) Very much aloha (love)

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 1!

A Wedding, Many Emotions and a Celebration of Love – Part 1

Hello Friends!

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned my son’s wedding?

Well, I finally put together some pictures, video and nice background music in the video clip below.

Weddings are nice, aren’t they?

So many emotions flowing!

Although I always say that ALL emotions are good emotions because of the message they carry for us, well, that day it was definitely all good emotions!

I appreciate you coming by to celebrate with me for a few minutes.

Take care and keep tappin’!


I’m dying and I’m having fun…

I’m Dying and I’m Having Fun…

no, I’m not dying, but someone else passed awayRandy Pausch died a couple days ago.

That was one of Randy’s quotes, “I’m dying and I’m having fun.” (He should know)

A couple other quotes of his are: “Are you a Tigger or an Eyore?”…and…“Brick walls are there to see how bad you want it…not to stop you.”

I know, I know…you’re asking, ‘Who is Randy Pausch?’

I sent some of you a message back in April regarding Randy, so here’s an update.

Randy Pausch is the best selling author of “The Last Lecture” and there are a couple videos on the web giving you a view of The Last Lecture.

When the subject of death comes up, most often it’s associated with words and phrases like: spirituality, dying with dignity, sadness or regrets.

These videos are not about any of those aspects…these videos are about childhood dreams…your purpose.

As you master EFT as a tool to change your “writings on the wall”, you just might discover what an incredible…no, that’s not the right word…you might discover what a limitless amount of resources you hold within youand then what?

Mastery of EFT may just help you discover your dreams and desires along with the strength…the power…to manifest all that is important to you!

If you get one “aha” from this video (watch the longer video for more “aha’s”), then you know it was worth it.

Take care and keep tappin’!


Here is the short version of the video about his message…but, I put (my recommendation) the full version down below:

Full version of “The Last Lecture”:

EFT, Weeds and Overwhelm!

EFT, Weeds and Overwhelm!

Hello Friends!

Hey, let’s dig right in with a few questions:

1. Have you ever pulled weeds in the yard?
2. Have you ever pulled weeds in a yard and the weeds seemed never ending?
3. Have you ever tapped on some issues using EFT and felt the same way that you did when pulling those never ending weeds from the yard?
4. Does the word OVERWHELM (very appropriately, all caps) fit in with this subject somewhere?

Watch this short video regarding EFT, Weeds and OVERWHELM (once again, very appropriately, all caps).

What’s the solution to OVERWHELM?

The Grazing Principle…find out more at our next free teleconference:

Discover the Grazing Principle

Are You Overwhelmed as You Get Deeper with EFT and all the issues that are cropping up?  Overwhelmed with Life?

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Take care and keep tappin’!


Change Your Perceptions…Your Actions Change…Your Life Experience Changes

Change Your Perceptions…Your Actions Change…Your Life Experience Changes!

Do you want to change your life…or, do you want to change a part of your life?

What’s your first response?  Is your response something like this?

‘Nah, I’m fine.’   or   ‘What’s the point?’ or ‘I’ve tried EVERYTHING!’

Well, most often, when we begin to become frustrated or disillusioned or ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’; then we begin to decide to change our life and the standard advice to changing your life is to ‘Do something different’…in other words, take some action…and make it good!

What are your results in making changes in the past? Sometimes good, with hard work…most times no results, or your life gets even worse (as if that’s possible!)…am I close to the truth for you?

Here’s what makes that strategy of “just taking action” so difficult. You want a different type of life, so you are taking a different action (ok, so far, so good).  Ah, but you end up taking the type of action that is NOT in line with the results you desire…in fact, you probably “think” you are taking the appropriate action, but I would guess that you are not TRULY taking the appropriate action.

Here’s what I mean by that.  Let’s look at an example that I use in the workshops I conduct:

Let’s say you are an “everyday employee” and want to be a business owner…a “successful entrepreneur.”  If that’s what you want, no problem, take the appropriate action, right?  But, if you are not BEING a “successful entrepreneur,” then the actions you will be taking are NOT those of a “successful entrepreneur,” but the actions of an “every day employee.”

Do you see the difficulty? How difficult is it for someone with the thoughts, energy and perceptions of an “everyday employee” to discover the actions necessary to become a “successful entrepreneur?”  It’s very difficult! The perceptions of an “everyday employee” and a “successful entrepreneur” are almost like night and day…not even close!

So, the struggle continues and a very small percentage persist until they “figure it out,” but the majority of people quit; they feel they are just too weak to be the “successful entrepreneur” and go back to a life they never dreamed of…they settle…they fall back…AND, then they develop more reasons to believe and KNOW that “they were not meant to live that life” … or … “entrepreneurs are lucky”…or…”that’s ok, entrepreneurs are not spiritual anyway and my spirituality is more important”…or…well…you fill in the blank with a perception that makes sense for the failure.

Do you get an idea where writings on the wall come from?

So, do you see how changing your perceptions is so important?

“When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change.”

That’s right…first you must BECOME the “successful entrepreneur” in your mind…you must begin to develop the perceptions of the “successful entrepreneur”, the emotions of the “successful entrepreneur”…when that begins to develop, you will begin to discover the actions that will allow you to create the life of a  “successful entrepreneur.”  It does not have to happen all at once.  It can happen gradually.  Of course, you have the power and choice to do it as fast as you desire.

So, you might be asking…”Ok, ok, Jeff, how do I change my perceptions?

Let me give you a quick example…I did not ask for permission to use this example, so there is no name and it is very brief.  Here is a gentleman that was having difficulty playing his favorite sport, he had developed confidence issues and he was not enjoying it, so what did he do? He continued playing but he settled for a less than enjoyable experience. My opinion is that he would have eventually quit the sport altogether and give up something that used to give him a joyful experience.

Perhaps you’re right; it’s only a sport. So what! Well, if someone loves something and that experience is joyful or fulfilling, even on a small scale, isn’t that just as important? Don’t the little things in life add up to a fulfilling life?

So, what did you suppose we did for him?

That’s right…change his perception.

In a matter of 15 minutes, he was able to change his perception to this:

“I played on both Wednesday and Thursday and I definitely noticed an improvement…I noticed that I was playing more confidently…”

…and here’s what happened

“I played my best overall game of the season…I scored 8 – 10 points, and I got a large number of rebounds and assists…free throw percentage was my highest of the season…Our captain said that my play was a big reason why we were ahead in the first half.  So my view is that the tapping has taken my game up a level”

You must erase the writings on the walls of your mind that give you the perceptions that tell you to take actions that are contrary to your intentions.  You must also replace them with writings of your choice.  In other words, apply the writings on the walls of your mind that you desire, that you choose!

What did we do here? Well, first we took his anxiety down in regards to the issue of playing.  The mere tapping to take down his anxiety had already increased his confidence, so we had an indication that the “slate was clean” and he would be open for a reframe…so we took it one step further and used a Choices Tapping Routine (thank you Dr. Carrington) and he used this routine for a few days prior to his next game.  Well, as they say, the rest is history and now he has new writings on the wall that were reinforced with his physical emotional experience!

You may already be familiar with EFT as an excellent tool to erase the writings on the wall, but did you know that EFT is a very effective tool (and a quick one at that) in changing perceptions?

EFT is the tool that can help you to not only erase the writings that no longer serve you, but to also allow you to quickly and easily create new writings in your mind so that you can become the person you desire that takes the necessary actions to create the life of your dreams.

Take the time…be persistent…become excellent at using EFT to change your perceptions and watch in amazement as your life transforms right before your eyes.

Take care and keep tappin’!


ps Here is an excellent example of changing perceptions on this free recording: http://www.livefreewitheft.com/EFTcall1301.htm