Everyone Covered the Passing of Michael Jackson…I Have an Exclusive on Bob the Barber…Film at 11!

We have heard about several people who passed away recently and we hear about them because they are celebrities: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, David Carradine and, oh, Karl Malden as well.

Ok, so the passing of Bob the Barber is not considered newsworthy, but, then again, I will let you judge that for yourself.

Bob the Barber passed away a few weeks ago…insignificant to the world?  Well, actually, there are several things that he talked about in his last days that are very important.  Not just to some, but to everyone!

The details are in this video…about ten minutes.

I appreciate you stopping by and watching…if you wish to leave some comments, feel free to do that below the video.



  1. Thanks Jeff! Thanks for making us aware of a good guy.

  2. Beautiful tribute and some lovely reminders. Thanks very much.

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