Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Another year gone by…another Super Bowl is done.  What an extravaganza that has become and it gets bigger and bigger every year…constantly expanding!

Some say is was the most watched Super Bowl in history…plus, they did not have problems selling their ad space with those crazy commercials (or, should I say, creative productions, because even if one remembers the concept of the commercial, most forget what product was being promoted…interesting people we are).

Ok, but I am here today to talk about another bowl…the bowl of light…and I put together a quick video to explain what I mean.

The bowl of light is similar to the the Super Bowl because it has the capacity to expand and you can allow your bowl of light expand, not just every year, but each and every moment as you begin to master EFT!

How do you get your light to shine through? Well, you just huli the pohaku from your bowl and EFT is a tool that can help you to huli your bowl!

Check out the video…take care…keep tappin’…hugs and aloha!



  1. Jeff,…That was pretty awesome the way you made EFT into a story. You make a good story teller my friend, keep up the good work! Anything to spread the word about EFT but don’t forget about NLP as well, the two work very well together and one of my goals in life is to have everyone combine the two as they compliment each other very well.

    Joe Oliver

  2. Jeff Harding says:

    Aloha Joe…thanks for the comment…I agree with you, in fact, Gary Craig has included some simple NLP techniques even in “foundational” EFT. As one immerses themselves with EFT, there are some NLP techniques (as you know) that merge very, very well with EFT…yes, let’s keep the work going on giving people more practical tools and techniques for true freedom in their lives…thanks again!

  3. Teri Richardson says:

    Well Done Jeff! You are a Master of story telling!!! Our Spirit IS our Light (!) ; and you Jeff are a Shining Bright LIGHT for ALL of us to see…and learn from! Each day I remind myself of 3 important details to My life:
    to learn, to teach, to Love. YOU Jeff are the clearest example of Light/Love I know! Thank You for this Great lesson in life! We are Light, We are Love and You beautifully blend these into our lives bringing us ALL the tools we need to master our own Light! Thank You for being our Beacon!!!

  4. Jeff Harding says:

    Thanks Teri, I appreciate your thoughts and words and they embody the 3 things you mentioned because when we express gratitude, I believe that action…that emotion…truly allows us to learn, to teach and to love! Thanks again!

  5. A. Goodwin says:

    Thank you Jeff for taking the time to explain EFT in a precise and clear way. I feel lighter and calm and I can say from experience that EFT is a powerful tool that makes a lot of sense to me. Whatever issue I had has not come back. That to me is amazing.

  6. What a wonderful way to explain how EFT is used to let our light shine through! I love thinking that I am “huliing my bowl” everytime I use EFT. Such a great visual aid and inspiration to keep on tapping!!

  7. Jeff Harding says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments…the more we huli the bowl, the more we allow that light to shine through and not only is peace a result of that (more people need this in today’s environment), but we also have a stronger resource to help us in determining our path and walking it with confidence! Keep tappin’ and thank you for coming by!

  8. Nice analogy and demonstration 🙂

  9. Jeff Harding says:

    Mahalo (thank you) Ahmad!
    Analogies and metaphors can be very powerful for us to use. In fact, our subconscious uses analogies and metaphors very liberally and many times cleverally. It’s a very effective way to communicate our conscious intentions with the subconscious.
    Mahalo once again…aloha nui loa!

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