Why Be Annoyed?

Why Be Annoyed with Pains and Aches?
Just Pull EFT Out of Your Back Pocket

Click here to access the audio of Yves’ EFT Story

Listen in as Yves talks about how he used EFT for various health issues and for allowing his body to heal itself.

What was the key?  You will find that key to how he heals all throughout his story.

Take care…hugs and aloha!

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EFT and Healing Asthma

Gary Craig Interviews Sue on

How She Healed Her Lifelong Challenges with Asthma

Click here to access the audio of Sue’s EFT Story

In this wonderful healing example, take a look at the finer points of HOW she used EFT and see what you can use in your own EFT work.

Take care…hugs and aloha!

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EFT and the Flow of a Waterfall

EFT and the Flow of a Waterfall

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for checking in with me!

I’m going to ask you to tap for everyone over here this weekend…here’s why:

My son’s wedding is tomorrow (videos and pictures coming next week) and sometimes it’s difficult to stay in the flow of life…difficult to stay in the moment.  In fact, have you noticed how the word “wedding” provokes various forms of “writings” on people’s walls?  What does it bring up on your walls?

When the word “wedding” came up on my walls…I must say…there were quite a few emotions that popped up as well…some are empowering; some are not.  I got some tappin’ to do when I finish this article.

Ah, but one of the writings is that it is about love and celebration.  So, to celebrate, I put together a short video for you from Hawaii. This will give you an idea of what I visualize…what I focus on…to help me “pivot” or change the direction of my thoughts.

EFT has been an invaluable tool to help me develop the ability to pivot my thoughts in an instant, especially when I need it most…like being immersed in the craziness that surrounds a wedding.

Here’s the truth…I still use EFT regularly…I always will…the regular use of EFT (let me say that one again)…the REGULAR use of EFT when you learn the proper use of this tool, will help you get to that placehelp you get to that state of mind where you begin to choose your thoughts, rather than have your mind choose them for you out of reaction to old thoughts…old memories…that are no longer appropriate.

The more progress you make in choosing the thoughts that are appropriate for your desires and purpose in life, the more life will seem to flow for you…this is the stuff that truly can produce changes in your life!

So, use this visual to remind you to let your energy system flow more freely.

Find out how to develop that ability to move more freely with life…take the actions more freely that will produce more freedom in life.

Enjoy your weekend as much as I will enjoy mine…I can feel the shift already!

Take care and keep tappin’!