EFTzine Confirmation

Once again, thank you for signing up to discover more about finding your own personal path to freedom…to personal peace.

Here is a list of your free gifts as well as the addition gifts still to come…you will want to bookmark this page:

  • I have some Introductory videos about EFT… just click on the link below to get immediate access:
    EFT Introductory Videos … be sure to watch the Basic Recipe video if you are not familiar with the EFT meridian tapping points.
  • You will receive a 7 Week EFT Tapping Routine Sampler.  So, once per week, I will email you either a video or audio that will allow you to tap along with me.  The first one is already on its way, so be sure to check your email inbox.  These tapping routines are just a sample of the regular weekly tapping routines that come with the online program www.yourpersonalpeace.com
  • I have also included Assessment to Freedom that will walk you through some exercises in uncovering issues to tap on using your EFT work…click on the following link to download the pdf handout Assessment to Freedom
  • More to come, like some info on the Law of Requisite Variety, E.P.I.C. and about goals, targets and desires…watch your email.

… Keep an eye on your emails for news, tips and announcements to help you discover better ways to tap into more freedom for your life and the lives of others!

Take care…keep on tappin’…aloha!
Jeff Harding