EFT Stories and Experiences

Discover from real people how they use Emotional Freedom techniques in their daily lives to find their own personal peace.


Why Be Annoyed with Pains and Aches?
Just Pull EFT Out of Your Back Pocket and Start Tapping
Listen in as Yves talks about how he uses EFT for various health issues and for allowing his body to heal itself.

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From Paralyzed To Divine Guidance in 10 Minutes or Less
So, when you are stuck, what do you do…what could you do?

Listen to Beth talk about her experience in using EFT to get “unstuck.”

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Growing from a Life of Reaction to One of Awareness
The Wall Was Gone
Have you come up against a wall when it comes to
emotional eating?

Listen to Denise talk about her experience in using EFT to become more self-sufficient in dealing with eating issues…she’s makes it sound so easy and “matter of fact.”

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Gary Craig Interviews Sue on
How She Healed Her Lifelong Challenges with Asthma

In this wonderful healing example, take a look at the finer points of HOW she used EFT and see what you can use in your own EFT work.

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