Everyone Covered the Passing of Michael Jackson…I Have an Exclusive on Bob the Barber…Film at 11!

We have heard about several people who passed away recently and we hear about them because they are celebrities: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, David Carradine and, oh, Karl Malden as well.

Ok, so the passing of Bob the Barber is not considered newsworthy, but, then again, I will let you judge that for yourself.

Bob the Barber passed away a few weeks ago…insignificant to the world?  Well, actually, there are several things that he talked about in his last days that are very important.  Not just to some, but to everyone!

The details are in this video…about ten minutes.

I appreciate you stopping by and watching…if you wish to leave some comments, feel free to do that below the video.


EFT and Pink Elephants

Pink Elephant

You’ve heard the challenge, “Do NOT think about a pink elephant.”

What’s the problem with that statement?

Right!  You can’t stop thinking of the pink elephant!  It’s maddening!

But, there is good reason for this reaction and I will share some research with you in a minute that will help to explain the Pink Elephant Syndrome (aka: the Rebound Effect).

First, let me point out what so many people ask when using EFT, ‘Why do we tap and verbalize the negative?  Shouldn’t we be thinking and focusing on the positive?’

Well, I expanded on that point in a previous post to the EFT YPP FAQ site and you can click on this link to read the article called If I keep tapping on the negative, am I reinforcing the negative…shouldn’t I be thinking positive?

You know what?  When you use EFT, you are flying in the face of what positive thinkers and self help people have been saying for decades.

The common advice is just to think positively…stay focused on your positive choice or intention…but, is that enough, or is it onlyl a distraction?

Let’s look at the research.

Psychblog summarized the research on this curious subject with one of their latest articles…click here to read Psychblog’s article: Why Thought Suppression is Counter Productive.”

To summarize the article, let me quote the conclusion:

The trouble comes when I consciously stop trying to distract myself and the unconscious process carries on looking out for the thing I was trying to suppress. Anything it sees that looks vaguely like the target triggers the thought again and round I go in another loop of thinking the same thought I was desperately trying to forget about.

The irony of thought suppression, then, is that actively trying to manage our own minds can sometimes do more harm than good. Although it makes perfect intuitive sense to try and suppress unwanted thoughts, unfortunately the very process we use to do this contains the seeds of its own destruction. The more we try and push intrusive thoughts down, the more they pop back up, stronger than ever.

Let me help you banish those pink elephants once and for all…an excellent place to begin is with Your Personal Peace.  Click here to find out how Your Personal Peace can help you live more peacefully and with less and less pink elephants in your life…

No more pink elephants…because trying to ignore those pink elephants only feeds their energy and makes them grow larger and larger in our lives.

Take care…hugs and aloha! Jeff Harding

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Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Here’s the Real Super Bowl!

Another year gone by…another Super Bowl is done.  What an extravaganza that has become and it gets bigger and bigger every year…constantly expanding!

Some say is was the most watched Super Bowl in history…plus, they did not have problems selling their ad space with those crazy commercials (or, should I say, creative productions, because even if one remembers the concept of the commercial, most forget what product was being promoted…interesting people we are).

Ok, but I am here today to talk about another bowl…the bowl of light…and I put together a quick video to explain what I mean.

The bowl of light is similar to the the Super Bowl because it has the capacity to expand and you can allow your bowl of light expand, not just every year, but each and every moment as you begin to master EFT!

How do you get your light to shine through? Well, you just huli the pohaku from your bowl and EFT is a tool that can help you to huli your bowl!

Check out the video…take care…keep tappin’…hugs and aloha!


Your Guide to Mastering EFT

Your Guide to Mastering EFT!

Aloha Friends!

Think about this…have you ever done this?

You were trying to do something all on your own and help is right at hand, but you felt you just “had to do it on your own”!

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, there is a wealth of resources to help you master EFT to the point where life’s hurdles are low and seemingly non-existent.

That’s the exact reason I bring EFT to you…to give you freedom from the despair, hopelessness and helplessness.

Help is here!

Check out a couple sections on this web-log (blog) that will help you with EFT:

· Live! EFT Workshops (click on the “Live! EFT Workshops” link at the top for the current schedule)

· Set Your Price EFT private sessions (click on the “Set Your Price for Private Phone Sessions link at the top and submit your price for a discounted session)

So, like I said, there are plenty of professional resources at hand that are quite affordable…make your choice and watch your own power unfold as EFT allows you to let go of the barriers!

Take care and keep tappin’!