EFT Introduction

Here are 3 videos to help give you an “idea” of what EFT is all about and how EFT can help you find more personal peace.

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Jeff Harding

EFT Possibilities Video
This video gives you an an idea of the possibilities available with the use of EFT.
(about 7 minutes)

EFT Introduction Video
This video gives you an overview of some of the concepts
behind EFT from Jeff’s perspective.
(less than 15 minutes)

EFT Basic Tapping Routine Video
(less than 15 minutes)
This next video will go over the Basic Recipe or the basic technique. When working with a practitioner or in a group, the technique may vary, but this Basic Recipe will handle most issues very, very well. This video is meant as an introduction and does not fully replace the need to attend a group workshop or work with an experienced practitioner.