Don’t You Like Me?

Have you ever met someone and just did not connect?

Or, perhaps you were quickly dismissed or ignored?

Perhaps the Acceptance Prophecy is in action…are you familiar with the Acceptance Prophecy?

Basically it says, ‘When we think other people are going to like us, we behave more warmly towards them and consequently they like us more. When we think other people aren’t going to like us, we behave more coldly and they don’t like us as much.’

So, is this true?

There has been some behavioral research along these lines to prove or disprove the Acceptance Prophecy.  Here is a summary of the research as reported by Psyblog: Click here for the Psyblog article on the Acceptance Prophesy

To summarize the article: “What the results showed was that when the risk of rejection was lower, men acted more warmly towards the woman to whom they were talking. This extra warmth also lead to a panel of observers liking them more in comparison with those who were more fearful of risk and therefore inter-personally colder.”

Did you pick up on one of those points?  “…in comparison with those who were more fearful of risk and therefore inter-personally colder.”

Just a subtle fear, most times, but fear nonetheless, can make or break the first 30 seconds of that meeting and send it down a path of vibration that is lacking in love and acceptance.

What happens most times when we start down the slippery slope of fear?

That’s right, it usually gets worse!

Now, here’s the most enlightening aspect of this article…

There was an exception according to the article, “There was an exception, though, to the results of this study. One sub-group were not affected by the experimental manipulation to increase how much they expected to be accepted. That’s because they already expected to be accepted. These are the social optimists (or at least people who think rather a lot of themselves!). Social optimists, of course, are in the happy position of expecting to be accepted and finding that, generally speaking, they are.”

The speed in which you manifest something in this world depends in large part upon the certainty or knowing that you have of its imminent happening.  You must be certain without any “yeah-buts”…without any tail enders.

The more tail enders and yeah-buts that you have running through your mind, the less likely the initial thought, desire or even inspiration will materialize!  That’s right, even if you have an inspiration, you can and will sabotage it!

You must clear the barriers to allow life to flow through you.

Alright, good stuff; but you are asking, ‘How can it help me’, right?

Here are some suggestions that you can add to Your Personal Peace list and then clear those issues using your EFT and tapping:

  1. Look for specific events where you did not make a great impression with a person or group of people.
  2. Do you remember events where someone rejected you outright?
  3. How about a time where you just could not connect with someone?
  4. What about an instance in your past where someone just would not listen to you?
  5. Discover memories of times when you were rejected, not accepted or your suggestions and proposals were rejected.

Special Notes:

  • Be sure to connect and feel the emotions you are feeling TODAY when you recall those events and follow your EFT protocol to clear the emotional connection to those events one by one.
  • Do not discount any memory, vision, event or thought as inconsequential…they all have an effect!  Remember, even the subtle fears and concerns can alter the course of your behavior and actions.

If you need help with EFT and tapping, a step-by-step and affordable place to start is with Your Personal Peace.

Do not allow your memories and the unpleasant emotions of the subconscious to rob you of wonderful meetings, acquaintances, friendships and even intimate relationships.

Remove your barriers and watch not only your relationships become golden, but your other experiences as well.

Keep tappin’…aloha!

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