Think About the Areas in Your Life That are Out of Control. Now Imagine a Quick and Simple Method (EFT) That Could Bring Peace, Success and Joy to Those Problem Areas of Your Life!


Find Out How Doug Improved His Game Quickly and Easily
He Improved His Basketball Performance With Just One EFT Tapping Session and a Little Follow Up on His Own

“By the way, the tapping is helping. I played on both Wednesday and Thursday and I definitely noticed an improvement. At the Wednesday afternoon pick up game, I noticed that I was playing more confidently, taking more shots, and making a good percentage of shots. I played stronger than I had since my month long layoff while I was in California. Tonight was our playoff game (we lost—but we were ahead by 10 at the end of the first half before their full court press enabled them to overtake us in the second half). Before the game I tapped using the affirmations you gave me. I am not sure that I used the correct tapping procedure, but I will say that I played my best overall game of the season. I scored 8 – 10 points, and I got a large number of rebounds and assists. Also, my free throw percentage was my highest of the season (75%). Our captain said that my play was a big reason why we were ahead in the first half. So my view is that the tapping has taken my game up a level. I’ll keep doing it while continue to monitor its results. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me with the EFT—I really appreciate it.”

Doug, Big Island of Hawaii

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3 videos are ready for you that you can watch from your computer. The first one is a great Introduction to EFT from the founder of EFT, Gary Craig…the second one is another introduction but this time from Jeff Harding…and the third one covers the Basic EFT Recipe. Each video is about 15 minutes, so you can get through these fairly quickly and get started right away.
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week for seven weeks… That’s well over an hour of various tapping routines covering subjects like:

  • This Complex Life
  • I Don’t Have What It Takes
  • Raise my confidence
  • Fear of Change
  • Shifting Your Thoughts
  • Improve Vibration Before Action
  • Assistance is Always Here with Me
  • Assessment to Freedom…this little handout will walk you through some exercises to help you discover some of the barriers that are laying in your path to finding success and freedom in your life. This pdf form is available for you to download right away as well.
  • And, much, much more!

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